The place of your passport application has no connection with your place of residence. You can therefore apply for a passport in any city hall, even if it is not your usual city of residence.

Nevertheless, not all town halls necessarily have a dedicated passport service and you will always have to make an appointment to make your request. To find the town hall issuing passports nearest to you.

The documents to attach to make your passport

ID card

The national identity card must be provided when you apply for a passport, in addition to a photocopy, even if your card has been out of date for a maximum of 5 years. Beyond that, you have to provide the original of your birth certificate of less than three months and a proof of your nationality if the birth certificate is not enough to prove your nationality.

The photo ID

And yes, the famous photo where you will be ugly, there is nothing to do! Be careful, however, a few rules so that your photo is well accepted.

The passport photo must be taken less than 6 months ago, either in a cabin using a system approved by the Ministry of the Interior, or by a professional. The photo must be sharp, without creases, and must be 35 millimeters wide and 45 millimeters high. The background must be light and solid, like blue or gray. The white background is forbidden. Your head must be bare (no hat or other accessory), your face clear and your expression neutral (no smile!). If your are wearing glasses, you do not have to wear them in the picture. Nevertheless, if you decide to wear them, you must clearly see your eyes, so avoid tinted lenses or with reflections.

By following all these rules, your photos will go without worry with your passport application file.

Be aware that in the cabin, a board of 4 photos will cost you between 5 and 10 euros, while a visit to the photographer will turn around 12/15 euros. Nevertheless, taking pictures with a professional you are almost certain that they will comply and if this is not the case, many photo studios offer to redo them for free.

Revenue stamps

When you apply for a passport, it is not possible to pay in cash. You will have to make the payment by buying tax stamps. These are sold in most tobacco shops and at the counters of public finance centers, treasuries or a corporate tax office. The scarcity of tax stamps and the opening hours of the establishments that sell them make it always difficult to obtain them. Today there is a simpler and faster way to find them. Indeed, recently it is possible to buy these tax stamps online! Here is the link that will save you hours of queuing!

Proof of address

The proof of address is a document of less than one year which proves your address of residence. It can act from a bill of water or electricity from your last tax notice or a rent receipt.

If you live with a relative and if it is not possible to have a proof of address in your name, it will be necessary that you join in addition a photocopy of the identity document of the person who hosts you as well as a signed accommodation certificate certifying that you have lived at home for more than 3 months.

Additional pieces

Depending on the nature of your application, you will be asked to provide additional parts to complete your file.

·        If it is a passport renewal, you must attach your original passport

·        If your old passport has been stolen, you must add a theft declaration

·        If your old passport is lost, you must complete the Cerfa form n ° 14011 * 1

·       If you are applying for a passport for a minor, you will also need to give the ID of the parent making the request.

The cost of a passport

As indicated above, you will have to pay your passport with tax stamps. The price depends on your age. For an adult, the price is 86,00 €. For minors over the age of 15, 42.00 € and under 15, 17.00 €.

The deadline for obtaining a passport

There is no official deadline for issuing a passport. To put the odds on your side and avoid disaster situations, we advise you to go at least two months before your trip, see more in summer. In general, the average time to receive your passport is two to three weeks.

Lost or stolen passport

Once you have your precious sesame for the world, there is no question of losing it or getting it stolen! This could put you in a very delicate situation, especially if you are already abroad.

When you get your new passport brand new to the town hall, you will find inside a small paper containing the summary information of the document (passport number, identity, photo, address, place of issue …). It is important to put this document in a safe place, because it will facilitate the process in case your passport is lost or stolen.

Find all our tips to avoid theft when traveling abroad.

If the damage is done and you are no longer in possession of your passport, do not hesitate to consult an expert to learn more about the procedure to follow and the steps to take.

Emergency passport

The emergency passport is a passport issued faster than the normal time limit, only for medical, humanitarian or professional reasons. This document is only valid for one year. The supporting documents should be attached are the same as for a normal passport, except the tax stamps which must be 30 euros only and all documents in your possession that can justify the urgency of your trip abroad. If your application is accepted, in principle the passport is made the same day.

Be careful, this emergency passport is not biometric. If you go to a country that prefers the biometric passport (such as the United States), you will need to make a visa to travel.

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