It is a personal document, established at the initiative of the employee and which remains his property. This document enables the employee to identify and have his professional knowledge, skills and aptitudes are acquired as a part of the initial or continuous training or professional experiences certified.

It is a document intended to promote the internal or external mobility of each employee by keeping track of the stages of development of his skills through the different phases of his career.

What conditions?

The training passport must be requested by the employee. It must be “certified” by the employer. The passport remains as the property of the employee whose responsibility is to use it.

If the employee has had a professional interview, an appendix to this training passport may contain the training decisions made during or after this interview.

What is the purpose of the passport?

To be able to identify and have his knowledge, skills and professional skills acquired certified:in initial training, or in continuing education or through his experiences 

What does it contain?

The contents of the passport are not specified by the texts.

However, there are essential sections such as: civil status, initial training, continuing education, short courses followed, professional paths, extra-professional paths.

The training passport can also include:

The diplomas and titles obtained during the initial training, the professional experience acquired during periods of training or training in a company, professional certifications (diplomas, titles or qualification certificates) obtained as a part of the continuing education or validation of prior experience (VAE), the nature and duration of the training measures are taken in respect of continuing vocational training (including the event of unemployment), the position or jobs held in the same company under an employment contract, as well as the knowledge, skills and professional aptitudes implemented on that occasion, tutorial activities, in an appendix and with the agreement of the employee, the decisions regarding training that would be taken during professional interviews and skills assessments. The applicant must provide the photo ID.

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