The electronic passport, along with the electronic DNI, are citizen identification documents that through electronic passport and electronic ID readers allow greater automation of the identification processes, achieving greater security and effectiveness in a safe, automatic and simple way. The e-passport incorporates a chip embedded in its back cover that contains the biometric data relative to the facial image of the owner of the document and personal data, which are recorded by the electronic reader.

The electronic passport incorporates RFID technology .

Advantages of the electronic passport

There are many benefits of the electronic passport and in several levels, both in the security environment as well as in the comfort, ease of use and efficiency. Thanks to the readers of electronic passport and readers of DNI both government agencies and companies, especially companies in the tourism sector, improve efficiency and safety.

Unlike bar code systems, it is not necessary to place the code in the laser sight to reveal the information.

It prevents identity fraud, thus fighting terrorism. It creates a travel document management center, a kind of online data bank where passport data can be verified. If necessary, the police and justice will also be able to make use of this information.

The dual passport readers and electronic ID is a tool that allows you to maximize all the benefits of citizen identification technologies.

The use of e-passport in airports makes access control an automatic identification process, and therefore faster. In addition, it increases in passenger control.

10 curious facts about the passport

More than 2000 years: the first written mention of a document with a similar function appears in texts dated 450 BC, when Artajerjes I granted it to Nehemiah to request a safe passage in his trip through Judea to “the governors beyond the river”.

Typologies and uses: there is the ordinary or tourist passport, official (government employees), diplomatic, temporary (for people who have lost theirs), collective (groups traveling together), and even family.

The first modern passports indicated name, nationality, physical description and authorization to leave and return to the country. Photography was incorporated in the first decades of the s. XX.

Colors: the EU does not issue passports as such, but those of its members share the color dark red. Other countries choose black, dark blue, red, green.

The current term of “passport”, would come from the document that allowed to pass through the doors of the walls of the city.

The Danish passport is the one that allows to travel by greater number of countries (169) without visa costs.

The security measured passports have evolved from ink stamps to current biometric passports, which document an integrated chip stores all data of the owner …however such security still does not prevent some surrealist situations: recently a British girl passed control of the Antalya airport (Turkey) with a toy passport that identified her with a picture of a pink unicorn.

The Vatican does not have immigration controls, but issues passports. The Pope’s has the number 1.

In the movie Matrix, Neo’s passport indicates as the expiration date on September 11, 2001.

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The passport is the document you need to travel around the world. Small booklet so important, it is essential to know the steps. We have gathered here for you the information you need to make your passport. Indeed, even if you can search the site of the Public Service to answer your questions, you will find in this folder all the elements of answer gathered in a single page. Here is everything you need to know about the passport!

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