The dependency provides 50 percent discount to people over 60, people with disabilities and agricultural workers.

From the first day of next year the cost of the passport will be 580 pesos, that is, 35 pesos more than its current cost.

For possible trips next year, and vacations outside the national territory, it is necessary to have a Mexican passport, which will already have new costs, from January 1.

According to the portal the time to process the obtaining or renewal of the migratory document, is until December 31 of this 2017, the amount of rights for its expedition for a year is of 545 pesos, and from the first day of next year it will be of 580 pesos, that is, 35 pesos more.

For three years, the cost is currently 130 thousand pesos, while in 2018 it will be one thousand 205 pesos, which represents an increase of 75 pesos.

In the case of requiring the document for six years, in 2018 must pay one thousand 660 pesos, 105 pesos more than in 2017, while for those who require a passport valid for 10 years must pay two thousand 550 pesos, 160 pesos more than in this year.

It should be noted that the dependence provides a discount of 50 percent to people over 60 years of age, people with disabilities (verifiable) and agricultural workers (with Canada, and does not apply for passports with ten years of validity).

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