The cost of the passport is:

For adults: 86 euros,

For minors over 15 years old: 42 euros,

For minors under 15 years old: 17 euros

Where to buy the tax stamp?

Since March 2, 2015, you can buy an electronic tax stamp and this service is simple, fast and secure.

It is still possible to obtain paper stamps to pay the amount of the passport:

·        in a tobacco shop,

·        in a cash,

·        in a corporate tax department (SIE, formerly tax receipts).

·        The free replacement of the passport is possible under certain conditions.

·        (Article 953 of the General Tax Code)

A free replacement of the valid passport is possible if:

the holder has changed his civil status or if he wishes to mention a name of use, marriage or widowhood, the holder has changed address, the passport no longer includes leaflets available for visas, the administration made a mistake when preparing the passport.

The application must be filed with the town hall of the place of his home (inquire beforehand before moving). If exceptionally the town hall can not issue the passport, you must contact the prefecture or the sub-prefecture. In Paris, the request is to be deposited in a site of collection of identity cards and passports.

The request is made on the spot by means of a form that is  also delivered on the spot.

The formalities are the same as for a renewal of passport, except the tax stamp which the applicant does not have to pay.

The validity of this passport is identical to the time remaining on the replaced passport.

The new cost of the “express” passport

The website has been in “maintenance”, so many citizens have not been able to enter to complete the process.

The appointment for the renewal of passports in the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Foreigners (Saime) increased this week from 51,000 to 166,000 bolivars; In addition, the “express passport” also increased from 122,400 to 234,000 bolivars.

The total price of the “express” passport was thus 400,000 bolivars.

It was also learned that the extension that began on November 1 will cost 97,800 bolivars.

Users of social networks complained about these costs. In addition, they reported problems when trying to fill out the data sheets on the page to complete the procedures.

“Dear citizen, temporarily cannot perform this process, try later”, is the message reported by citizens.

The website has been in “maintenance”, so many citizens have not been able to access it.

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