Each year, the Passport Index, created by Arton Capital, ranks 193 countries that grant passports to their citizens based on which documents offers more access to travellers, that is, how many countries it allows to enter without the need for a visa. It is an online tool that allows you to search passports by country and region, and compare and contrast passports of different nationalities.

These are some data that we discovered using this platform:

  • The most powerful passport in the world is German: Citizens of this country can enter hundreds of countries without a visa, which gives them a score of 160 points. The Germans are the only ones in Central Europe who can enter Mongolia without a visa. They are followed by Sweden (159 points) and Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Singapore, Norway and the United Kingdom, whose passports were rated with 158 points. The region with the greatest access to travel without visas, then, is Europe.
  • The country that occupies the last place on the list is Afghanistan: the citizens of this country can only enter 3 countries without the need for a visa.
  • In South America, the Brazilian passport offers the most access to its citizens, who can enter 144 countries without a visa, followed by Argentina and Chile. Chileans are the only ones in Latin America who can enter the US with an EsTA, a much simpler and easier to obtain document than a visa. The worst ranked is Bolivia, with access to 68 countries without a visa.
  • In Africa, the number one spot was for the tiny Republic of the Seychelles (128 countries), a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is followed by Mauritius and South Africa, which have access to 121 and 92 countries respectively.
  • Singapore is number one in Asia, with 158 points, followed by South Korea (157), and Malaysia and Japan (156).
  • The platform also makes a list of the most hospitable countries, that is, the most open to receiving foreign visitors. The most hospitable region is Africa, since several of the countries that are first in this ranking are located in this continent.
  • The least hospitable countries are Turkmenistan, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Minimum validity of the passport to travel to different countries

I do not know if it has ever happened to you, but just in case I tell you. There are many countries that, in order to visit them, ask for a minimum passport validity from the date you enter the country, and this must be taken into account before traveling.

As the other time I went to renew the passport they told me that they did not renew it without just cause if they had less than 90 days left because I let it go, now I just realized that for my next destination I need a minimum validity of 3 months since entering the country, and I have two working days left to leave, so I have to go milking to renew the passport.

Minimum Validity of Passport

So that this does not happen to you, here is a link from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where you can see the validity requirements of the passport for the different countries and many more information, such as alerts for conflicts, special precautions, etc.

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