For a renewal or a first passport application in 2018, you will be asked for various supporting documents. Here is the cost and the list of steps to follow to know when and how to do or redo his passport.

What is a biometric passport?

A biometric passport is a passport that includes your photo, the fingerprints of two of your fingers and a small chip through which the information contained in the paper passport can be viewed electronically (identity, address, etc.). In the interests of harmonization, the same biometric passport model is applied in all European countries.

The main difference between a biometric passport and the old “classic” passports is based on the registration of fingerprints. This measure was taken to prevent the risk of identity theft or false passports. You cannot object of taking your fingerprints.

Where to go?

To apply for a passport, you must contact a city hall equipped with a biometric station.

In some cases, you should contact: At a district office of the police headquarters if you live in Paris at the consulate or embassy if you reside abroad.

Your presence on the premises is mandatory. Before you go on site, make sure by phone that your city does not require to make an appointment beforehand to process your request. For some town halls, appointment times can sometimes be several weeks.

You can consult a map of France online to know the town halls equipped near you.

How much does a passport cost?

The price of a passport is relatively important, since you will have to count 86 euros (in 2018) to obtain this document. The payment of this sum is made through the purchase of tax stamps that you can acquire online, in a tobacconist’s office or at the counter of your tax office.

You can also buy dematerialized tax stamps directly on the internet via an online payment on the site put online by taxes. The purchased stamp can then be used for 6 months and is refundable for 12 months from the date of purchase.

These tax stamps are part of the documents you must bring to the town hall when applying for a passport.

What documents to bring?

Before you move, you must first consult the website of your town hall or your prefecture and / or call the telephone service to know the exact list of documents to provide corresponding to your situation.

In principle, the following documents (originals and photocopies) must be provided, it being specified that the administration may ask you for any additional document necessary for the examination of the file:

  • The hard copy form that can be completed on site if you have not made an online pre-application in case of first application.
  • In case of first application: your identity card valid or expired for less than 5 years (if your card has expired for more than 5 years, you must provide a birth certificate), in original and photocopy;
  • Your old passport in case of renewal request;
  • 86 euros of tax stamps
  • An identity photo less than 6 months old and in compliance with the standards in force;
  • A recent proof of residence (electricity bill, rent receipt, property tax or housing tax, etc.)
  • In the case of a passport application (48 pages instead of 32), the applicant must also produce a written and reasoned letter.

In case of renewal application and when your old passport has expired for more than two years, you must also bring your plastic identity card and a photocopy of it. If you do not have one, you will need to provide a birth certificate with complete parentage dating back less than three months. If this proof of civil status is not sufficient to prove your nationality, you must provide a proof of nationality.

Online application

To save time, you can now pre-apply for an online passport on the internet. To do this, you must create an account on if you are in France. You must then go to the section “Pre-application Passport”.

This teleservice allows you to send a pre-application by completing an online form. Once the formalities have been completed, you will be given a file number. All you have to do then is to go to your city hall with proof and tax stamp requested.

Sending the new passport

When the formalities have been completed, your application is registered. Your new title is then manufactured and sent to the place of filing of your file. You will need to go to the counter to pick up your new passport and sign it on the spot.


The time required to obtain a passport varies according to the zones and the period in which your file was filed. The waiting time is, in general, several weeks.

The waiting period includes the instruction period, the time of manufacture and the delivery time of the title in town hall.

Due to high demand before the summer holidays , the deadlines will generally be longer for the files submitted in May and June. Applicants can in any case follow the progress of their passport application via an online service by filling in their application number.

If you need a passport to go on holiday abroad, it is in all cases advised to begin your steps several months before the envisaged departure date.


Under certain conditions, you can use the quick procedure of the emergency passport in order not to suffer these delays. The document can then be delivered directly to you at the counter on the day of your application. For the formalities to follow, see Emergency Passport: Procedure and Tariff.

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