The passport. My favorite document. After all, it is the key for the literal boundlessness. Pretty annoying so if you (at the last minute) find out that the key is missing. I would like to tell you what you should or can do in case your passport has expired or lost.

It happens to the best. And just a bit more often. Recently I was nicely washed, ironed and on time (!) At Schiphol for a visit to the beloved Suriname. Everything went smoothly, until I was told at the desk that my passport was not valid long enough, after returning from Paramaribo. Panic! What now? One person’s stress is still the other person’s lesson.

Situation 1: Passport away, but you still have time

If you accidentally discover that your most beautiful, red-brown favorite document is missing during a clean-up mania, there is not much to worry about immediately. Depending on the municipality in which you live, you do or do not report to the police.

Are you the one of the happy residents of a municipality where you do not have to file a report? Then it’s good for you! But then you must submit a declaration of missing persons to that same municipality. This prevents abuse of your old travel document. And you can immediately apply for a new passport. For your next trip.

Situation 2: Passport plead, and you will travel within a week

The story is different if you find out that your passport is missing, while you go on a holiday within a week. You can then request a new passport urgently and for an additional fee. If you do this before 12 o’clock at the municipality, your new passport will be ready within two working days. You are about 50 euros lighter, but ready for take off.

Is two days waiting just one too long? Then also request a new travel document from the municipality. You will no longer receive your new passport on time and the cost of the passport can be high, but you will need the application form for your emergency passport. 

Situation 3: Passport missing in action and you are already at the airport

If, like me at the airport, you find out that your passport is not valid for long enough, you can apply for an emergency passport.

One last tip: passport photo

When I was about three hours before my flight to Paramaribo left, I discovered that my passport was not valid long enough after returning, I was not only very happy with my understanding travel companions, but also with the extra passport photo that I was in the nick of time. my wallet had stung.

Fortunately you can also make passport photos at the Marechaussee. Personally, I am not at my best in unexpected stress situations. I look like a startled owl chick and the last thing I want is in the picture. The extra passport photo was in this story my greatest hero.

You do not get a fine anymore for losing or forgetting your passport. And the costs for an emergency or emergency passport are even reimbursed. If you lost it during vacation. Dip into your travel insurance for details.

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