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The last few months have been beyond busy for me, and as a result, poor Passport To Design has seen little activity! Well, that’s going to change now that life is back to a regular pace.

Wondering what I spent the last 60 days obsessing over?  Two beach front condos that my lovely clients (and truly, they are so very lovely and wonderful to work with) purchased in the same building. The units are identical in layout, and so my clients have ended up with two identical spaces to call their own. With the exception of only ONE furniture item that is different, the two condos are carbon copies of one another.

SIDE NOTE: I initially believed that designing two condos to be the same would make for a less painful workload and a more efficient use of the tight timeline – after all, sourcing ONCE and buying double of everything seems more efficient, no? Wrong. At least, not in Panama. Little did I know that Panamanian furniture stores rarely carry two of anything, so I ended up sourcing twice as much anyways to ensure my clients got exactly what I promised. 

The condo building, BAHIA RESORT, is located on the beach in Gorgona, a small town in the district of Chame. The building itself boasts a beautiful lobby (though be warned of the wind tunnel effect that acts up in the dry season) and a fab pool area, but the views from the apartments are to die for! I never tire of watching the swell come in from the horizon from the 16th floor apartment, and to be able to do that while enjoying a drink on the balcony or while waking up in the morning will be wonderful.

The show-stopping view from the large balcony.

A view of the mountains and tree tops from the kitchen - not too shabby!

The finishes in the apartments are nice as well – not the usual cheap-o stuff you’d expect to find in some of the less-than-luxurious condo developments in the area – BUT, I cannot pretend that the workmanship was impressive. The condo cut many corners during the construction process, resulting in more headache and stress for yours truly (and more money for the client). Luckily for my clients, I believe that poor workmanship is unacceptable, and unluckily for the contractors and architects who had to deal with me, I do not take “No” for an answer if the design blunder is their fault and needs repairing.

BEFORE: Dining Area, Kitchen and Entrance.

BEFORE: Opposite view of the Dining Room and Living Room in the distance.

BEFORE: Master Bedroom

BEFORE: Part of the Balcony outside the Master Bedroom.

BEFORE: Guest Bedroom

YES, I know, photos of empty spaces are pretty boring. That’s why you need to check back next week when I show you how I chose the white wall colour (*whispers throughout the crowd*). I know the walls look white in the photos above, and they are…kind of… but the creamy builder white shown here is a lot more yellow than you think.

Next week, I will show you that even though it can seem daunting, choosing thePERFECT white wall colour IS possible (albeit dizzying at times).

White, white and more white! So many options, which is the right white?

Cheers, folks, thanks for reading! I am happy to be back on the blogging bandwagon, thanks for patiently waiting for my return and for checking back regularly :)

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  1. Square One Condos |

    I guess most people who look into such condos do really buy them for the views. Great pictures and thanks for sharing!


  2. Ohhh! What a tease! haha. I ran to my computer to see the pictures. I guess I will have to wait until next week!


  3. Amazing views! I can’t wait to see the afters. Have a great wknd :)

  4. Thanks for reading, Square One condos – I would LOVE to take a tour of your facilities and show room one day :)

  5. HAHA! A Tease it is, Krista :) But I have some photos on the way and they will show more soon!

  6. The views really are breath-taking, Nicole. The photos do NOT do it justice by any means. Hopefully the AFTER pics will showcase the views better!

  7. Denise Ponte |

    Can’t wait to see the “after” photos!

  8. Can’t wait to show you, Denise! :)

  9. such a tease! i CAN’T WAIT to see the final results…though i’ll be there in just a few weeks to test it all out myself ;)

  10. MEGS, I hope you’ll like it :) I have pics but the teasing is just too fun ;) I wish I could have gone to stage it for you lol…you’ll have to imagine it in its virgin state! Send you pics soon.

  11. Wow, incredible views and great condos. Someone told me that ceramic floors are the flooring of choice in Panama to keep the place cool. Is this true Tania?


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