Photo Essay: Textures & Colours of Bali

Hello friends!

The last time I posted, I was sharing my beautiful Balinese rental house with you and promised to share a secret in this post…well, here goes:

Jeff (the Passport-to-Design-Mascot) and I have left Bali…and we’re back in Panama.

Ok, sorry, this news may not be super exciting to hear, but WE are very excited to be back in Panama for a decent stretch of time (even if it took us 45 hours of travel to get here!). Bali was simply beautiful and lovely in many ways, but it just didn’t hack it for us when it comes to long-term living. More on that in a later post, but in the meantime, I’d like to reminisce about the beautiful textures I saw while in Ubud for a month.

So much beauty to be had every where I turned, it was overwhelming in a wonderful way. Here are photos of some of the colours, scenes, objects and textures that inspired me in Bali:

Silk, stone and foliage together.

Stacked stone walls peppered with nature.

Lines, plaid and moss.

Coconut palm wrapped around a votive.

Soft, semi-firm and firm tofu.

Pebbles, plastic and red paint.

Endless scenes of terraced rice paddy fields.

Gold paint, jewels and exquisite wood masks.

Offerings of flowers, rice and palm leaves left out for the gods.

Petals and leaves as art.

Wicker, wood, daisies and saffron coloured cotton.

Green, green and more green (and me)!

Wood carvings, gold leaf and straw.

Ancient stone shrine, offerings and trees.

Stone, moss, algae and water.


These beautiful images will make for a good rainy day pick-me-up eventually…I love looking at photos from my trips and I’m so happy to have hundreds from Bali (the place is just so darn photogenic). Have a favourite photo?

Did any of these texture combos inspire you? I have a funny feeling some of this inspiration just *might* make it into my next design project. ;)


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  1. Very pretty :)

  2. Agreed! Thanks for reading, Denise! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of photos of beautiful colours and textures of your own in a few days ;)

  3. I’m so glad you can show me the things that I might otherwise never get to see. Thanks for all the great photos and the insightful eye! You also look so cute in that mass of green, lush nature!

  4. Everything is GREEN in Bali – it’s so easy to swept up in the romance of the exotic natural landscapes. Hope this post gave you a glimpse ;) You’ll have to go one day, Marisa!

  5. Take me with you Marisa!
    Great job Tania….Bali’s loss and Panama’s gain!

  6. Not only is the green amazing, but the flowers! Everything is so lush. It is clear that their culture truly respects the beauty that surrounds them….and also loves their curves ;)

    Krista @

  7. excellent; the difficulty is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about.

  8. Your article is very helpful thank you very much for sharing .

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