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Passport To Design posts has been a result of poor internet connection, folks. I’m sorry! But now, due to popular demand, here are some photos of my rental house in Ubud, Bali. Ubud is the artistic center of Bali – there are so many boutiques that sell beautiful clothing, decor, accessories, art and more, not to mention the plethora of adorable restaurants. The town has really changed since the last time I visited in 2009 (I blame you, Elizabeth Gilbert…you and your Eating, Praying and Loving) and while the rampant tourism has robbed the town of its original charm, it’s still a fabulous place and I love it here.

Our quaint beach house rental in Panama (remember THIS POST?) took a little sprucing up before we moved in and felt comfortable, but our rental home at Ben’s Homestay on Jalan Suweta in Ubud is much different. We didn’t need to buy any additional furniture pieces, no extra pillows or decor…it pretty much came move-in ready and with enough beautiful and simple touches to satisfy my designer-self.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves – hope you enjoy this glimpse into my Balinese life :)

Welcome! This is our humble 2 storey house in Ubud.

The front terrace in all it's Balinese glory.

To get to the terrace, we walk through the lush gardens in the compound. Too pretty.

The terrace doubles as the dining room - outdoor living in Bali is very common.

Adjacent to the terrace, in a separate room, is our tiny kitchen. No oven, mini fridge, and a bar sink. Yikes. At least it's clean!

Not too shabby of a view during breakfast, huh?

The first floor houses our guest bedroom - very simple, but it gets the job done if we have guests :)

The guest bedroom leads upstairs to the master bedroom (and there's a full bathroom on the other side of the stairway landing).

Welcome to the Master Bedroom! Love the beautiful four-poster bed, Balinese quilt and all the windows.

Our bathroom is quite spacious and very clean (thank goodness). We were so happy to see a wall-mounted shower head...a rarity in most small houses.

My favourite part of the house is the upstairs balcony. What a gorgeous view of bamboo shoots, palm trees and the blue Bali sky to greet us in the morning.

The balcony is surrounded by a blanket of green - a beautiful scene to enjoy a book and a cup of tea.

Jeff and I having drinks for my birthday on our glorious balcony. I know I'll miss this one day!

The view of the sunset from our balcony is divine.

Wondering how we get around? On Jeff's sweet ride that we named Barney for obvious reasons. Jeff's not too pleased.

There you have it! This is how we are living it up in Bali – a truely lush and wonderful paradise that everyone should visit at least once. Our rent is up soon and the house is already promised to someone else (devastating!), but it’s all good because Jeff and I have a change in plans on the horizon…but we’ll keep it a bit of secret for now :)

Have you ever been to Bali? Is our rental house what you imagined? You can stay here too one day, check out Ben’s Homestay’s official website for more info.


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  1. i hate barney.

  2. …thats harsh Jeff…Barney is adorable…and it’s so YOU…lol

  3. I agree, Karen! ;)

  4. omg. I love this place! The outdoors areas…so lush and relaxing. wow. The kitchen…meh but the rest makes up for it!

    Enjoy this friend…enjoy. (and screw you Gilbert is right!)


  5. I so admire you for LIVING your life; Carpe Diem! Are you going Eat, Pray, Love on us? Are you going back to Panama or globetrotting to another exotic location? Do tell…

  6. HAHA, thanks for reading, Krista :) Seriously, your heart would melt in this garden, and your heart would pitter patter if saw all the beautiful furnishings for sale. We’ll return one day and admire them together!

    Dana – thank you so much for your comment! Great to hear from you! I am not Eating, Praying Loving….well, I am I guess, but in my own way ;) What’s next for us? You’ll have to wait and see! haha

  7. Oh good, there’s a guest bedroom! I’m saving my pennies and my Aeroplan miles. :)

  8. What I wouldn’t give for that kitchen… You have cupboards and drawers for starters. And what looks like a decent kompor to cook on. The whole house looks heavenly to me.

  9. Barney was a little loud though.

  10. That looks like an awesome house! Looks like Jeff is having a blast riding Barney.

  11. And do Jeff and Mommy use the same scooter?……….cute. the helmet just doesn’t quite fir the bike.

  12. Thanks for reading, everyone! Jeff is never going to be able to live down that scooter! In his attempt to get a more manly ride, he traded it in for “anything else”, and got a hot pink and red bike instead. Oops. haha!

  13. Beautiful! We still miss you guys though! Love Barney!! Hope you guys are having an amazing time. PS not too changes in the horizon! Okay? Xoxo

  14. INCREDIBLE! I’d give anything to have a great outdoor dining area like that… and such an awesome balcony with breathtaking views! So lovely Tania!

  15. Thank you, Kerry! The view is unrivaled, that’s for sure :) Hope the transition into a normal routine in BC is going well for you and the family!

  16. WOW! Absolutely stunning! I’ve never been to Bali or even thought of going to Bali, but I want to hop on a plane right now and set myself up in your guest bedroom! Your rental is beautiful – exactly how I envision a tropical paradise :-)

    Happy belated birthday!

  17. Thanks for reading, Kelly :) Bali should be on everyone’s radar, it’s an incredible place to visit. Congrats on reinstating your blog, I look forward to following along!

  18. These luxury and amazing Villa are incredible. The villas in this post are so great. That kind of place is the place where I want to go old and live peacefully. Thanks….

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