Marie Olsson Nylander’s Home

I cannot get the

images of this fabulously designed house out of my mind, and after today’s post, I think you might have the same problem.

Swedish interior designer, Marie Olsson Nylander, is the brains behind this incredible interior which also happens to be her home (lucky gal). I love the way Marie uses pops of colour to create visual interest against a white background, and I absolutely adore her choice of furnishings, most of which have a worldly feel to them and seem like they tell many stories about her travels. The Balinese and Indian-inspired hanging works of art, chunky wood sculptures and ethnic textiles really speak to me – this home could very well comprise my dream interior (well, for now, at least).

Marie and her husband bought this 1970′s villa in Malmö, a remote town in Sweden, and decided to renovate it to achieve the open floor plan they’ve always wanted.

An Italian sofa from the 1960s and the ktichen closet that was originally part of a French bathhouse. (

This repurposed dresser makes for a very interesting kitchen island. (

Love the painted wood ceiling beams, the oversized floor lamp and the colourful cushions.

Even the storage area looks well styled! (

Texture and colour paradise! Again, love the ceiling beams. (

This is Marie's son's room. His name is Otto and he has a really cool wardrobe made out of recycled gym lockers. (

A chunky desk and a delicate chair - great combination. I'd love to work here. (

Another fabulous work desk area - love the inspirational photos and the suspended industrial lamp. (

The mix of modern and traditional furnishings makes for a dramatic dining area. (

The puddling curtains, the velour chair and the distressed doors - glorious. (

A simple entrance with lots of character. (

Do I even have to say anything about this photo? This art makes me happy in this space. (


BOLD USE OF COLOUR especially when paired with a white or neutral background. In this case, every single accessory and piece of furniture reads like a piece of art against the white walls.

OLD WORLD FURNISHINGS always make my heart pitter-patter. Anything with a worn-in and rustic finish looks fabulous in a contemporary space (contextual contrast is fun, right?). I love displayed artifacts, antique textiles, and re-purposed furniture (check out Marie’s kitchen island…Love it!)

AN ECLECTIC MIX of furniture styles is done right in this interior. Why? Because even though the furniture styles may be of different genres, they work together in terms of colour, proportion and placement.

WHITE PAINTED FLOORS really make the space seem never-ending. The walls, ceilings and floors seem to blend into one another, achieving that open-concept feel that Marie loves so much.

Check out this video tour of Marie’s house – it will make you fall deeper in love with this interior, I know it did for me:

Happy designing, friends.

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  1. I usually dont like decor like this but the mix of old and new is just yummy! lol I dont know what else to say I love it!

  2. omg. you know me too well! My jaw dropped. I think it’s the contrast of how white the walls are. That was stunning (and not practical for the best of us!). I l-o-v-e the coffee table in the first pic. AND the desk collage!! Very cool. Thanks for inspiring us!

  3. Ron – I agree – yummy is a great way to describe this space :)

  4. hahaha Krista – I DO know you well ;) The white works so well with the colourful pieces, I really think it makes the entire house look like a cozy and comfortable art gallery – but in a good way! I would love to get some blogging done at that fab desk too.

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous space! I especially love all the mixed and matched textiles!

  6. Thanks, Shannon! I think I commented n your blog at the exact time that you commented on mine :) I love the mixed textiles too (it’s no secret I am textile-obsessed!).

  7. I love the addition of the video clip. This is great of you to add within your blog. Can’t say I’m crazy about the Notes and Doodle Art acting as a Lampshade..but it is certainly different and a conversation starter…lights on or off!

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