Leave the Rainbows for the Sky

Remember when coloured porcelain

was actually cool in the 1980s and 1990s? No..? Funny… me neither.

I got a kick out of the rainbow selection of toilets and sinks at the local hardware store in Coronado, Panama. Can we all sing-song the words “Ugly Pooper” in unison now? Ready…go!

Why would anyone ever need a pastel green toilet?! What's wrong with pastel green hand towels instead?!

These fixtures serve as a reminder as to how “behind” in the design world most Panamanian products and finishes are. Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible design products and beautiful interiors in this beach community, but for the most part, the styles leave very little to be desired.

There is no excuse for using a blueberry-lavender coloured sink.

Attention residents and business owners of Coronado, Panama:

If you, or someone you know, has a toilet and/or sink duo that is not white, vanilla, ivory or soft grey, please contact Tania of TLC Design & Decor immediately for a design consultation. There is no need to introduce colour into a space via the bathroom fixtures…I will help you source neutral-coloured fixtures and show you how to add colour through accessories.  (Note: if you have a black toilet, this note applies to you as well).

Now let’s take a look and poke blatant fun at other coloured (and ugly) bathroom fixtures.

A soft pink toilet and sink will almost always ensure that your powder room looks like it belongs in a doll house. (Image courtesy of activerain.com)

What would possess someone to install a pea-green (pee-green? hee hee!) wall-mounted toilet in a hotel bathroom? (Image courtesy of gardkarlsen.com)

This toilet is not only blue, but it's also made out of some form of plastic (it's touted as a 'waterless' toilet). It's not a piece of art, please don't draw attention to it in the bathroom any more than need be. (Image courtesy of enviroletbuzz.com)

Seafoam green walls, blue floor tiles and a PINK toilet? COME ON!? (Image courtesy of historichouseparts.com)

This time around the toilet and tub match...ouch. And while the floor tile is absolutely beautiful, the "retro yellow porcelain" just looks dingy and dated to me. (Image courtesy of historichouseparts.com)

Am I the only one that thinks this is ludicrous? Am I being an old stick-in-the-mud when it comes to tinted porcelain? Please tell me if you think I’m wrong (or being too closed minded), and just the same, please tell me if you think these coloured thrones must go!

*Sigh* Ugly design so much fun!



I was chatting with the lovely @JenSelk (visit her witty, clever blog HERE) who expressed an occasional appreciation for coloured porcelain because of it’s tendency to look charmingly retro. Jen particularly likes the way a mint-green toilet looks, so I challenged her to find me a photo of a “mint green pooper” that isn’t hideous, and while she couldn’t find a photographic example, she did bring this mint-green sink duo to my attention.

As promised, I am posting this image here for you to see as well. I don’t think it looks *that* bad, but it’s still not my style ;) But I can appreciate the cohesive, retro feel of this bathroom.

Mint-green sinks don't have to look ugly...here's an example of a charming set of coloured porcelain sinks. (Image courtesy of Art-Deco-Style.com)

Thanks for the coloured-porcelain chat, Jen! It was fun :)

Any other takers want to submit a photo? Find me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/TLC_Designs) and send me a link!

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  1. Ewww, coloured porcelain toilets make me sick!! My parents used to have a lovely pea-green coloured one in their guest bathroom, complete with yellow and orange wallpaper. Yikes!! I hope the people of Panama know about your design skills because they need your help! Ha ha.

  2. Haha, a pea-green toilet sounds horrible! I had a good laugh taking pictures of the coloured toilets…the employees looked at me as if I’d never seen one before …I got the impression that they thought I LIKED them. Too funny :) Thanks for commenting, Shannon.

  3. I love kitschy things like this. I went – gaga for this. Not in a Lady crazy way, but in a “holy mother of god I want that really ugly pea green sink and toilet.” Mind you, I’ve always craved a house with shag carpeting and velvet paintings.

    Good post lady!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Meghan :) I’m glad you dig the kitschy coloured loo :)

  5. I’m so with you! People, please introduce colour other ways, not by using coloured toilets… They are to be used, not seen.

  6. Amen to that, Staci ;)

  7. Well, the colours of the sinks & toilets ARE kind of beachy, don’t you think? :-) But having grown up in a house that had a bathroom with a lavender sink, toilet, tub, AND tiles, I can honestly say that coloured fixtures aren’t a good idea, no matter how pretty the colour is (I actually love that blueberry-lavender colour!)

  8. I won’t beat a dead horse on how unattractive these bathroom “accessories” are but…. Talk about commitment! It’s hard enough to convince a client to put pattern on their sofa, let alone buy a pink toilet! Oh man…who was the genius on this idea! haha.

    Perhaps the colour could work, as Tania is trying to justify in the last picture….but even then…where will it be in 10 years? Out dated. There is nothing “classic” about the colours. White or Neutral shades are classic. End of story.

    If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! LOL.

    Panama…come on….catch up with the times! Luckily, you have TLC in your perimeter! She will work magic!

  9. Thanks for the comments, Kelly and Krista. I feel badly that the toilets are indeed pretty colours, but keeping them clean is a nightmare (they always look dirty to me!) and they do give a bathroom a dated feel.

  10. What color is that abysmal scarf you’re wearing? A color-blind old lady wouldn’t even wear something as distasteful like that. I don’t even want to start on what is wrong with your hair style, if you could call that mop a style.

    As for the toilets and sinks, I am currently searching for a pair of mint green toilets. It would be a shame if we had to use the same repugnant white porcelain that you, Wal-Mart, and public restrooms everywhere use. Modern plumbing is as devoid of character as you seem to be.

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