Furniture Friday: Straight Line Designs Inc.

What a treat!

Today’s Furniture Friday post is up there with some of the most fun and playful pieces I’ve ever seen.

Have you been introduced to Straight Line Design Inc. yet? Well then, allow me to tell you a little bit about this fabulous Canadian company.

Straight Line Design Inc. is a one-of-a-kind furniture workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia that was started 25 years ago by Judson Beaumont. This company’s work is whimsical (to say the least) and has been featured in children’s exhibitions all over the world. Their work was also on display at IDS West this year.

I think any of these pieces would make for excellent storage or play surfaces in a child’s nursery, playroom or bedroom. These are my favourites:

Sobey Dresser

Mickey and Minnie Dressers

Brian Dresser

Anne Armoir

Crash Table

Crayola Family

Oops! Cabinet

Little Black Dresser (maybe this one is more for mommy)

Tree Cabinet

Pine Beetle Cabinet

Knick Knack

Boom Cabinet

But wait…there’s more!

In addition to designing and creating funky furniture, this team of eight craftsmen and designers work together on installations.

Cotsen Children's Library installation

Circus Themed Waiting Room Installation

Straight Line Designs Inc. is my new best friend. It’s so refreshing to see a line of furniture that celebrates the imagination and clearly emphasizes the value of creativity.

Cheers to having fun with design!

All photos courtesy of Straight Line Designs Inc. Click HERE to visit Straight Line Designs Inc.’s official website; and click HERE to visit their official blog.

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  1. Weeeee! So much fun! :)

  2. wow this is some crazy stuff! I was just thinking about all the cuts you would have to make to build this stuff! I will leave it to them! Then I was looking at who was “hearting” my pieces on etsy and I found this guy! Check it out!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring us!

  4. Hi Straight Line Designs – glad you found Passport To Design. It was a pleasure to feature your innovative work.

  5. SOOOO fun and playful! Exactly what a child needs in their room!

    I love it. Innovative and clever :)

  6. I know, right? I think playful furniture would really make a kid feel comfortable in his/her own space :) Thanks for reading, Krista!

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