Furniture Friday: Marine Mine

Now this is a

freaky company for today’s Furniture Friday post that will have you reconsidering what makes good design GOOD.

The company is called Marine Mine and the innovative designer behind the works is named Mati Karmin – one of the top sculptors in all of Estonia.

Mati Karmin posing with a field of empty mine shells.

Mati Karmin has found a way to turn old mine shells into pieces of furniture. That’s right…seemingly abandoned hunks of metal have been up-cycled into an unusual furniture collection. And yes, all the furniture is made from mines that were once bobbing around in Estonian waters.

A summary of the mines as it’s written on the official Marine Mine website:

“The frame of the artpieces is a historical deep-sea mine of AGSB-type, made in Russia in 1942. It was a big galvanic deep-sea mine, equipped with “Blok” device and two contact electro-magnetic antennas. The upper antenna was kept steady by a buoy. The mine was used to fight submarines. It was still manufactured in the 50-ies.”

The measures of the original mine are: diameter: 875 mm, weight: 1140 kg, Explosive charge: 240 kg”

There’s a detailed history behind the mines that were brought to Estonia back in World War 1 online (click HERE to read all about it) but the short version of it the story is that there was a multitude of mine shells scattered on the island back in the beginning of the 1990′s when the Soviets departed. These mine shells were void of explosive materials and have now become pieces of furniture thanks to Mati Karmin.


This furniture will likely blow your mind…it kind of blew mine! (GET IT?! MINE?! I’m hilarious).

Made to order stainless steel bathtub. The outer shell of the bathtub is made of naval mines and it stands on four fuses. Stainless steel bathtub is fit into the mine shell.

Detail of Bath Tub.

Desk made of naval mine, has drawers (on guide rails), granite desktop and top shelves. Set includes genuine leather covered chair moving on four wheels with solid rubber tires.

Wardrobe made of naval mine. Mesh doors open outwards.

Swing with woven nylon mesh, ergonomic sitting position. Made of naval mine, hangs from the ceiling.

Charcoal grill made of naval mine rotates on iron wheels with solid rubber tire. The grill is made of stainless steel and its height is adjustable. Hatch has two closed positions and the bottom of the grill and tray for removing the ashes are also made of iron. Length of the chimney depends on order.

Glass table made of naval mine, covered with glass.

Decorative "retro" chair made of naval mine, rotating on bearings. Ergonomic seat is made of woven nylon and cushions are made of canvas.

Round fireplace with round illuminator frame (different sizes, shapes, materials (iron, brass, aluminum) and fireproof glass illuminators.

Naval mines full shape (ellipsoid, metal mesh doors with different density of perforation).

Whether or not this furniture is capable of existing in my residence is another story…but I do admire the artist’s vision and ability to up-cycle such an unusual object.

These pieces would be great on film sets, as entourage in an art installation and might also look great in certain commercial settings. Imagine a night club or rock concert venue (bar?) that boasts an industrial design style…wouldn’t some of these pieces be great? They are definitely good conversation-pieces.

I hope this Furniture Friday shook you up a little bit – design should make you do a double-take, whether it suits your personal style or not. 

Bravo, Mati Karmin.

All furniture photos courtesy of Marine Mine. Click HERE to visit Marine Mine’s official website.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG I am really freaking out right now! This is the most awesome furniture I have seen in forever! It speaks to me and excites me! lol REALLY you have NO IDEA! This guy does what I want to do and does it really really well. I guess it speaks to me so much because I kinda do this now just on a much smaller scale at the moment. This is inspiration beyond inspiration! Did I say I was loving this? I am posting this on my fan page my personal page and tweeting this! Tania, what a way to knock me out! lol

  2. Ron I am excited that YOU are excited about Marine Mine furniture! LOL I know its not the kind of furniture that appeals to everyone’s tastes, but I also cannot deny the ingenuity behind the work. From a design standpoint, this stuff is awesome!

  3. WOW, can you say “Steampunk”!!

  4. no thanks LOL

  5. Wow, this is definitely different! I just kept picturing the pieces in people’s homes and I was totally turned off, but when you mentioned putting it in a night club or bar with that same theme, it could totally work. Happy Friday!

  6. Shannon – I would freak out if this thing was in my house, but I know of a couple of film sets that this thing would look great in. But I agree – it’s jarring to consider these pieces as home furniture in most cases, but I still think they’re super cool. I would never think to turn mines into furture! ;) Kudos to the artist for his creativity!

  7. This stuff has “Waterworld” written all over it!

  8. Amazing! People with that kind of creativity amaze me!
    And these items are eco friendly which is even better!
    Thanks for sharing Tania, and have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks, Staci! Creative people blow my mind :)

  10. what creativity! interesting… have a great weekend Tania!

  11. Have a great weekend yourself, Wendy :)

  12. I think that the fireplace is intriguing… in more ways than one…
    Coffee table is my favourite.

  13. I think all of these pieces are amazing! What an awesome idea:) I especially love the fireplaces, wardrobe, and swing!

  14. Sarah – Thanks for reading and commenting! xoxo

    April – Glad you like the collection – it definitely does not fall short in the category of originality!

  15. Indeed it does not Tania:) I really love that table too! Good stuff!

  16. Tania, I too am in love with the coffee table but really, I could see a lot of those pieces used residentially in a loft setting…not all…but several of them for sure. Quite neat!

  17. Thanks for commenting, Judi. Some of the pieces are really extreme, but that’s what makes them so unique!

  18. Класс! Мины хоть учебные были или настоящие? =)

  19. Rusty bath tub is fine: I have got tetanus vaccination.

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