Furniture Friday: Kenneth Cobonpue

I have always

wanted to visit the Philippines…sadly, while I was traveling through Southeast Asia, there was major flooding that resulted in dangerous mud slides in the Philippines. I had no choice but to scratch the intriguing island off my list.

Since I am suffering from a nostalgia for a country I never had the pleasure of visiting, I decided to dedicate today’s Furniture Friday post to a Filipino designer whose furniture designs have been making headlines all over the world.

Ladies and gents, put your hands together for Kenneth Cobonpue.

I am particularly smitten with his collection of beds – they each exhibit organic lines and natural textures and yet they are perfectly sophisticated (as opposed to rustic). I appreciate that all pieces are made of natural materials, but if you’d like to use a piece outdoors, Kenneth Cobonpue is able to re-produce most pieces using synthetic fibers.

Bed and nighstand from the VOYAGE collection made from buri (palm leaf spines) or abaca.

Outdoor seating from the YIN & YANG collection. (That view is stunning!)

Rattan bed from the YIN & YANG collection.

Bed and nightstands from the KABUKI collection made from hard-carved fiberboard to resemble bamboo stalks.

Detail of the hand-carved and hand-painted fiber board used in the KABUKI collection.

Bed and nightstands from the SUZY WONG collection made from woven lampakanai, abaca and rattan.

Living room pieces from the SUZY WONG collection.

HAGIA collection made by buri woven on a steel frame.

Bookshelf from the JUNIPER collection.

Bed from the IMA collection made from reconstituted leather and a woven abaca canopy.

Detail of the IMA collection materials.

Kenneth Cobonpue furniture at the W Hotel in Maldives.

Kenneth Cobonpue's furniture in Z Bar in Cebu, Phillippines.

Kenneth Cobonpue's furniture in Motif Restaurant in San Jose, California.

Kenneth Cobonpue's furniture in Drop Cafe Bar in Volos, Greece.

Kenneth Cobonpue's furniture at Maze restaurant in the Marriott hotel in London, England.

This young man is the recipient of several prestigious design awards, and if you ask me, they are all well-deserved (some of the spaces shown in photographs above are downright fabulous!). His mother, Betty Cobonpue, is also a designer who has become famous for her innovative techniques in working with rattan.

I love that Kenneth claims that his work is always inspired by his homeland of Cebu, Philippines. I’m sure the people of Cebu are proud to call this talented young man one of their own.

All furniture photos courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue. Click HERE to visit Kenneth Cobonpue’s official website.

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  1. Wow thats stuff is actually cool. I love the lines and designs! Usually I have a strong urge to burn anything made of rattan/wicker! haha! Only kinda kidding. But however this stuff has surprised me to say the least!

  2. I’m glad you like it, Ron! I think the pieces are visual stunning – much more exciting than the run of the mill rattan furniture for an old lady’s porch ;)

  3. Those bookshelves are amazing! They have a different style to them than his other stuff….but I am really loving it!

  4. beautiful! lovely greetings to you, Tania

  5. It’s cool stuff, right, Shannon? I think his designs are beautiful – simple and understated but there’s something so special about each piece.

  6. Thanks, Design Elements – I love your blog! Honoured to have you reading mine :)

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