Food Court Design in KL

I don’t expect much

from the food in a food court (I’m not a big fan of fast food, so I actually dread a visit to the fatty-court) so naturally, I expect even less from a food court in terms of design.

Now, imagine my surprise when I mustered up enough courage while visiting Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle district to visit the Pavilion mall and found one of the greatest food courts ever!

You see, the Pavilion only sells top brands (there’s no H&M or Old Navy in this mall, folks) and the prices are astronomical for the average backpacker. I was feeling bashful to enter this high-end establishment in my shabby black cotton skirt and my purple croc sandals, but I did anyways.

1/10 of the Pavilion mall facade complete with colour-changing water fountain in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A portion of the Pavilion interior - this mall is enormous!

I should have known that such a fancy mall would have such a fancy food court! There are two main courts, one is outside and features more restaurant-style dining, while the other is indoors.


This is a poorly taken photo, but it will give you an idea of the three storeys of outdoor dining at the Pavilion mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Outdoor dining at the Crystal Jade. I love the slate flooring and the neon interior lights - a great spot for evening meals.

The restaurants are well-designed (a Greek restaurant shown here complete with indoor and outdoor seating options).


The indoor food court is quite unique compared to most North American malls, but quite commonplace amongst Southeast Asian malls.

The space is designed like a giant rectangular racetrack, with all the fast food kiosks built into the perimetre. In the centre of the court is a large free-standing kiosk that serves beverages of every variety. The different fast food eateries do not include any beverages with their meals (a combo comes without a drink!), instead, you have to go to the beverage kiosk and pick one separately from your meal.

The Food Republic food court in Pavilion mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A wide angle of a portion fo the food court - it's so big, it can't fit into a single photo!

Close up of the beverage kiosk - the brightly coloured glass bottles helped distinguish the kiosk as the beverage centre.

I was quite impressed by the finishes and fittings in the food court. Granite counters, mosaic tile, marble flooring, wood tables, modern laminate chairs and stainless steel accents.

And for the food…

I was surprised at how many healthy options were available! It took me at least 45 minutes to circle the food court and make a decision. My visit to Kuala Lumpur happened in the second half of my backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia, so for the most part, I was happy to find North American food options (I would have traded one of my 5 Tshirts for a hamburger at one point!), but this food court had so many delicious cuisines to choose from that I opted out of the Nando’s Chicken and Pizza Hut options. I ended up with a delicious bowl of broth-y noodle soup (similar to Pho) with some seaweed salad and a spring roll on the side. Sadly, my photo of this meal is horribly out of focus. (Use your imagination!)

Fresh teppanyaki fast food! I love the bar stools and the fact that you still get the Teppanyaki experience even though it's a fast-food kiosk.

This Thai food restaurant in the food court is so well done! Look at that booth design and the sophisticated use of lighting!

This is what the Nando's fast food chain looks like at the Pavilion mall (pretty fancy for some fast-order spicy chicken!). Ooops, and I don't think this is located in Food Republic food court.

Some yummy treats on display at one of the Food Republic's bakeries.

I was pretty impressed with the hoighty-toighty fancy-pants appearance of the Republic Food Court…were you? Is this something you would expect to see in Kuala Lumpur? I was not surprised to see this type of high-end design in Singapore, but Malaysia was a shocker (as ignorant as that sounds, it was true).

Jeff the passport-to-design-mascot and I standing in front of the Pavilion's big-name stores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur, make sure you venture into the Golden Triangle District (where Pavilion mall is located). This district takes opulence and impressive infrastructure to a whole new level! I’m sure there are many fancy food courts to explore in this area ;)

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  1. That is the most awesome food court I have ever seen! I am hungry now!

  2. Denise Ponte |

    Mmmm…teppanyaki, I wish they had a to-go place in one of the malls here!

  3. Ron – I’m hungry too, and I’ve just eaten breakfast! :)

    Denise – I know, right?! Toronto needs a better food court…I heard that there’s a major renovation scheduled for the Yorkdale food court. It sounds fancy. Fingers crossed they bring in some healthy food options.

  4. I was as surprised (and ignorant!) as you were! What an establishment! I couldn’t believe the actual size of the mall in that second photo. If I ever make my way to Kuala Lumpur, I will definitely hit up at mall…and I will probably be dressed a lot grungier than you!

  5. Love it! Makes me want to go back and enjoy all the amazing, international food though I am fairly certain I did have Nandos…..

  6. The shopping in KL is amazing, Shannon! I was on a backpacker’s budget, so I didn’t do *much* shopping, but I did promise myself to return one day :) They have SO much for kids there – all the cute Asian characters available as stuffed toys, figurines, lamps, clocks…wow, the selection was out of this world.

  7. Jeff – you DEFINITELY ate Nandos. I DEFINITELY ate soup.

  8. What a surprise! it’s massive and … so western? Would NEVER have suspected it would be there. Gosh you’re a tiny little thing standing next to Jeff in that last pic. too sweet. Is there anywhere you two haven’t been? LOL

  9. Sharon – it IS so western…it was so random :) Yes, Jeff is tall, I am small…well known fact LOL. (I’m even standing on the steps!). Unfortunately, our list of places we haven’t been is far too long…and it includes British Columbia. Hope to change that soon!

  10. Thank goodness you are doing all this travelling to wonderful, exotic destinations and then blogging about it. Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss.

  11. Thank you, Maureen :) Well put, how poetic!

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