Follow Up: Fire Code Violation

Remember the post I wrote

about the new condo building in Panama City, Panama, that was occupied with residents but missing the very crucial Fire Code Safety features? I sure do… I’ve been thinking about this gorgeous condo that is at risk of burning to the ground and taking all it’s residents with it for months now (click here to read the original post).

Well, as it turns out, this problem has been rectified.

I recently re-visited my friend who lives on the 23rd floor and I am happy to report that there is now an emergency fire hose and manual pull station that are both fully functional.

BEFORE: Fire Code Violation - lack of fire hose and manual pull station.

AFTER: Emergency fire hose and manual pull station in place.

This is good news for tenants – in the event of fire they at least have the opportunity to sound an alarm and firemen can at least attempt to deal with the flames…why wasn’t this the case when the condo became inhabited about a year ago? I have no idea (though I’m starting to learn that “Panamanian procrastination” is an ingredient in nearly every undertaking).

I’m glad the proper measures have finally been taken.

In addition to the above compliance, posters on “What To Do During a Fire” have also been installed beside the entrance to each (egress) stairwell on every floor.

This super confusing diagram that looks more like a page out of a comic book is supposed to indicate what to do in the event of fire. Seems pretty confusing to me.

Hmmm…I think the graphic designer missed the mark on this one.

Not only is it impossible to read all the text while waiting for the elevator to arrive, but it’s also very unclear as to what should be done if there’s a fire. I think a simple list of WHAT TO DO would be better understood than a complicated diagram that combines WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO in the same frame. Geez.

On a more positive note, the view from the apartment balcony has changed. The construction on the magnificent Trump Tower has come a long way and is looking great. Finally, the building has windows and lighting which look beautiful at night. I’ll have to take a trip over to visit the site when it’s completed to snap some photos of the lobby. (Click here to see the previous skyline with the Trump Tower).

The curved building facade is that of the Trump Tower that is under construction. There seems to have been much progress in the last 7 months.

On another positive note, someone has made an attempt to spruce up the entrance by adding some furniture and art.

Although the photo looks quite bare and the furniture appears to be awkwardly placed, it reads better in person, especially since the opposite side of this arrangement is mirrored with the same furnishings inĀ  reverse colours (brown sofa with orange art).

The foyer to this luxury condo needs a little work - the minimalist look works in person, but photographs really poorly.

Could be better….but it could also be worse.

I think an area rug and a couple accessories would help finish off this space (not to mention if the wall treatment was carried through the entire space). Too bad I missed taking a photo of the ceiling and the pendant light fixture outside of the elevator waiting area – it looked quite lovely.

Maybe I’ll post another photo of the ceiling next time.

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  1. I am very happy to hear that the building is up to code now. I still have no idea how your friend managed to live there for so long without praying at night that a fire wouldn’t start while he (or she) was sleeping!! That view would almost make me forget the lack of safety measures though! Gorgeous!

  2. Honestly, I have no idea how my friend wasn’t terrified…but he didn’t even think about it! He just shrugged his shoulders and said “oh ya, they didn’t finish doing that yet” as if it was no big deal LOL. Ahh, the care-free life in Panama. ;) Thanks for commenting, Shannon!

  3. Different countries and cultures have varying views on saftey expectaions…which means they probably have fewer rules about how their population protects themselves in general…such as bicycle helmets, seat belts, pesticides, smoking bylaws, speed limits, children playing on the street and the list goes on. If this is true, you may find that when you come back to Ontario…it will seem like we are “RULED” to death at times.
    Maybe you should offer your expert services to decorate the lobby of the luxury condo…it could certainly benefit from some luxury decor.

  4. that foyer needs a designers touch — you should get crack’n!

  5. Thanks, Wendy and Maureen :) I could definitely offer my services at the condo – just a matter of hunting down the owner :)

  6. I third that! Go find that owner – chances are he/she may own several properties, all probably in need of your talents! :)

  7. Yes, yes, I am on it! got a lead on who to talk to…here’s hoping it works out! Thanks for the support, ladies :)

  8. Thank goodness the building is now up to code and good luck on that job lead!

  9. Thanks, Connie. I’m crossing my fingers!

  10. You should add some of your own personal artwork within that lobby. I’ve heard you have some original paintings available for sale. Is there somewhere we can view them? I’m also very happy that the condo is now taking safety seriously. Thanks for showing us the before and after.

  11. Thanks for the comment, Marisa. I do have art I’ve made for sale and it will be available to purchase soon. I will let you know (and blog about it) when the time comes.

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