Dream Retreat: Bali’s Amadea Resort & Villa

Today is a special day.

29 years ago on this very day, the man who would become my best friend and fiance was born…that’s right, it’s Jeff, the Passport-To-Design-Mascot‘s birthday :) Yipee!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! You get more handsome with each passing year. xo


This is where we will celebrate this year:

Amadea Balinese Resort

Balinese architecture and design makes me weak in the knees!

2 Bedroom Roof-top Suite with wood beam ceiling and linen upholstery.

2 Bedroom Deluxe Poolside Villa with outdoor living space and cove lighting in the ceiling.

A view of the Deluxe Poolside villa - hop out of your bedroom into the pool! Wow.

…I WISH! I’m just kidding ;) 

We will actually be spending the day doing some of Jeff’s favourites things: watching downloaded episodes of House M.D., eating nachos & cheese, drinking cold Panamanian beer on the beach and lounging around.  I am sure I will make it to the Amadea Bali resort one day in real life (hopefully for one of Jeff’s future birthdays), but for now, we’ll just have a low-key birthday celebration instead. Really, the only thing that matters, is that we get to celebrate together, no matter where we are (but I’m still kinda wishing we were at Amadea…).

Happy Birthday Jeff xo

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  1. Happy birthday Jeff! And for a second there, I actually thought you guys were really celebrating in Bali. I don’t doubt you two will make it to that resort one day. Have a wonderful day together!

  2. Thanks, Shannon ;) I hope we’ll make it there one day too, for now, a birthday in Panama is just as great! Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Tania !
    I saw the word BALI and got all excited !! Happy Belated birthday Jeff ! I have never been to this resort, but it looks pretty. Great to daydream :)
    If you need any help in the Balinese category , I am still so happy to help in any way. Big hugs !!

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