Black Baroque: Fab Boutique Design & Art

I was clicking around

on, one of my favourite online shopping sites, when I discovered some eye-catching art by a company called Black Baroque. I could not tear myself away from the computer screen and after “favouriting” almost every single piece of art for sale, I decided to investigate.

Black Baroque‘s owner, Alexandra, is one talented and very busy artist! Her entrepreneurial motivation and her incredible artistic skill have led her to own and operate 4 retail shops in the last 10 years. Now, her day job consists of making wonderful pieces of art for sale on Etsy (and boy, let me tell you, she is one busy cookie!) along with her business partner, President Poni.

A photo of President Poni in all his handsomeness..

I love ALL of Alexandra’s work. ALL OF IT.

I purchased the following 3 prints (for a steal, I might add!) consisting of vintage imagery printed on antique book pages.. Aren’t they so unique and inspiring?!

"Diving Buddies" printed on Antique 1890 Book page by Black Baroque.

"The Pump Station" printed on Vintage 1883 Book Page by Black Baroque.

"Edgar Allen Poe and His Raven" printed on Antique 1890 Book Page by Black Baroque.

Here are some more of my favourite pieces that I plan to purchase in the new year (wouldn’t some of them be great for a children’s bedroom? Or to spice up a boring powder room?):

Although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra (or President Poni) in person, I can relate to her positive outlook on life and her love for art, which shows in the design of her last retail venture. The bold use of colour contrasts beautifully with the vintage decor style.

The exterior of Poni's Parlor (Poni is there to greet all guests!)

Poni's Parlor is so glam...Think PINK!

I love the black lacquered display furniture (those bird cage tops are gorgeous!) and the ceiling moulding.

Would you expect anything other than beautifully packaged goodies from Poni's Parlor? I think not.

The checkered floor adds so much visual interest to this charming boutique and works well with the furnishings.

This very pink kitchen at Poni's Parlor is simply delicious!

Poni likes managing the boutique - and he looks darn good doing it too.

Although Poni’s Parlor (unique Gift Shop) is no longer open for business, I couldn’t help but share some photos of the shops interior with you – I think a person’s space tells a lot about their personality, and this space definitely gives you an idea of Alexandra’s fresh and spunky personality.

Click HERE to visit the Black Baroque shop on Etsy. You will not be disappointed…and I have a funny feeling you won’t be able to leave without buying something special for someone special (and who is more special than YOU!?). Enjoy!

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  1. Such a great find Tania – I love those pieces!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Thanks, Staci, I love them too! I can’t wait to get home to see where to hang them (too bad I’ll have to wait a year).

  3. Such unique pieces of art! I love them!!

    And what an adorable little shop! I think my favourite part is President Poni!

  4. amazing post!!! going on for sure to see what I can add to my house

  5. Very cool and unique prints. I’ve recently discovered and just started perusing. I can’t help but love everything on it! Alexandra and President Poni rock too. thanks!

  6. Great find! Such a nice way to add a little vintage vibe to a room. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia :) Glad you like the Black Baroque works – they are so much fun and yes, very vintage!

  8. You forget to mention how completely rude Alexandra is. While she might claim to have “many happy customers”, she is certainly the most combative and dishonest retailer I’ve ever come across. Her “my way or the highway” attitude will eventually catch up to her. Poni might be a better choice at handling the customer service side of her business.


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