Beautiful Blogger Award

This post is something new.

Shannon from What’s Up Whimsy decided to honour me with a Beautiful Blogger Award.

When the award was passed onto Shannon, she gracefully accepted the challenge and provided her readers with 10 tidbits of information about herself. Since her wonderful blog is design-based, readers knew little about the real Shannon…that is, until she was kind enough to share that information with everyone. I never thought I’d have posts of this nature up on, but since Shannon passed the award onto me, her flattery got the best of me, so here we are.  Plus, she’s a great girl (and talented blogger) and I loved learning more about her in her telling post (click here to read it).

So, as a proud recipient of this award, I am obliged to share 10 things about myself (that you likely don’t already know) with all you wonderful readers.  Thanks in advance for reading :)

1. My full name is Tania LaCaria (yes, with a capital “C”). I was not given a middle name by my parents and this was the cause of major stress as a child. When those fun conversations in elementary school came up where all the kids compare middle names, I had nothing to contribute. So I lied. I said my middle name was Michelle (my favourite girl’s name as a kid, plus no one would have believed “Madonna”) and people believed me for many years. *Snicker* I should also add that I had a complex about my name, Tania, since it is the only name in my immediate family that starts with a letter other than “M”. My entire family’s initials are Mom -ML, Dad -ML, Brother-ML and then me. The black sheep. TL. For some reason, this used to bother me, but I am now over it. Just thought you should know.

Screaming once I learned my name started with a "T" instead of an "M".

2. Growing up I wanted to be a chef (which I called a “cooker” since I was only 5 and obviously didn’t know how much that word sounded like a *very different* occupation that involves glittery lipstick and stilettos). This ambition was inspired by my Fisher Price stove set that I played at for hours on end with all those cute little plastic food items. The severe irony is that I have grown up to be a horrible cook, to the point where I actually despise the process of cooking because I am too impatient to wait until the food is ready. I need to eat at the exact moment of my hunger. Cooking takes too long and it always tastes bad when I attempt it. I am a disgrace to all chefs who once had a prized Fisher Price stove and went on to be culinary geniuses.

Displaying my freshly baked plastic muffins.

3. After I had given up on my dream to be a “cooker”, I decided to give good ol’ Show Biz a try. I wanted desperately to be an actress and took acting lessons, got an agent, the whole bit. My only claim to fame is that I landed a gig as a model on a giant Pizza Pizza truck (which, by the way, was re-released in a photo collage during Pizza Pizza’s anniversary a few years back. Please try to imagine my surprise when I ordered a pizza for pick-up and saw my adolescent face staring back at me on the box with hundreds of other *cute* kids… I was not cute). Once my acting career flopped, I did what any other attention-craved teen does…I turned to singing. I was the lead singer of a Jazz Band called 16th Avenue for two years. I realized how ridiculous my ambition to be a singer was when I accepted the fact that I cannot dance (literally, I have no coordination), nor can I play an instrument, and so I let that dream die with all the others. THEN I turned to art. I now have a Fine Arts degree in addition to an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and it’s working out nicely so far.

Me and my best friend, Krista, on graduation day.

4. I hate my feet. I don’t like the way they look (it’s the toes that bother me), and I certainly don’t like people looking at them, and yet, I find myself CONSTANTLY taking photos of my own feet while on vacation. Whether they are in the same frame as the ocean, or standing on the beach, I photograph my funny little feet and then cringe when I look through the album later.  And now, I will do the unthinkable, and show you evidence:

My feet and Jeff in the background in Punta Cana.

Mom's feet and my feet in Costa Rica.

My feet in the sand in Jamaica.

5. I easily get nervous and panicked about stupid things, one of which is driving in the city. That’s right, I will actually start to sweat and be on the brink of an anxiety attack if I have to drive around the city (namely Toronto). I think this fear comes from being even more afraid of getting lost. I am slightly directionally challenged and this worries me when driving down Toronto’s one-way streets with the rest of the impatient city drivers. I just want to drive slow so I don’t miss my destination. AND I want to turn onto one-ways in the wrong direction. This makes me an inept city-driver and that is why I will go out of my way to take public transportation whenever possible. I am a nervous person in general and get flustered over trivial things – I am trying to sort this out, but it’s a tricky hurdle to overcome.

6. I love to make up new words. My sweet boyfriend and my mom are the only two people who have been fully exposed to my personal vocabulary, and luckily for me, they find it charming (or so they say). Some of the words I like to use: Banunu instead of Banana. Why, you ask? Well, why not?? I also like to form hybrid words based on the logical fusion of two separate words, like Flegs (a product of the words “Fake” and “Legs” used to describe pantyhose).

7. I once achieved 100% in a school course. I somehow scored a perfect 100 in my first year Interiors course in design school. The entire course’s grades were based on the conceptualization, design and presentation of a residential space and I aced it. It is the only time I’ve ever achieved 100% and it was a serious motivator and ego-booster at the time since I had just changed careers into interior design and was feeling nervous about my decision (as usual…revert back to #5). I know that grades aren’t everything, and they certainly don’t matter once you finish school (I don’t even believe they are a true reflection of one’s capabilities and skill) but it still made me feel awesome. :)

8. I willingly ate a chrysalis while I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I went on a tour of a local silk farm and was really enjoying the one-on-one tour Jeff and I were given of the facilities. When the tour guide mentioned to us that the silk worm chrysalis could be eaten, Jeff picked one up without hesitation and popped it into his mouth. I couldn’t let him one-up me (I am also very competitive, by the way) so I also ripped open the little worm cocoon and squeezed it’s inside into my mouth. Luckily for me it didn’t taste bad. In fact, it tasted like corn because all the worms eat are leaves…the sweet cellulose in the leaves tasted similar to fresh corn kernals. But come on – I practically ate a butterfly fetus, so I was grossed out nonetheless. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever eaten.

Contemplating eating a silk worm cocoon in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

9. I enjoy choosing absurd Halloween costumes. While most of my friends understandably choose to dress up as gender-appropriate characters for Halloween, I’ve always taken a different approach. I get to be a girl every day, so when this festive time of the year comes around, I try to be “creative“. My costumes are usually the butt end of jokes and ridicule, but I don’t care – I don’t take myself that seriously anyways.

Rocking my Big Bird costume and eating gummies.

Dressed up like a garden gnome for Halloween and constantly mistaken for Santa Clause.

Dressed up as Kim Jong Il, Emperor of North Korea.

Decked out in foam core when I dressed up as an iPod nano.

10. The book Eat Pray Love changed my life. No joke, this sounds super cheesy, but it was one of the reasons I extended my dream-trip to Thailand to include the rest of South East Asia over a period of 3 months. Author Elizabeth Gilbert’s recollection of her time spent in Ubud, Bali blew me away. I craved the same self-discovery and first-hand knowledge that she described and so I began to plan my trip. I am so lucky that my boyfriend had the same interest in exploring this part of the world (and agreed to go with me) because if it weren’t for him, I’d probably still be lost on Khao San Road in Bangkok having a panic attack over the dirty beds and obscene toilets .My trip was so spectacular and it’s all because Jeff was there to share it with me.

Watching the sunset over the horizon on Gili Meno, Indonesia.

Wow, I didn’t think I would be able to make it to #10. What a stretch! So there you have it, a very long-winded version of some random personal details about myself.

And now, as is customary with every Beautiful Blogger award, I would like to elect the following talented individuals as the next recipients:

1. Staci Edwards of Staci Edwards Designs

2. Sharon and Yvonne at Layers and Layers

3. Michelle at Holley&Gill

4. Anne Sage at City Sage

5. Jenny at kokoberries

Please be sure to check out the blogs above – they are all wonderfully written by very talented ladies. The whole point of this award is to spread awareness to blogs that may not be on readers’ radar…so I hope I’ve introduced you to at least one blog that you haven’t yet read.

Thanks for reading, everyone. And thanks again to Shannon at Whats Up Whimsy for the nomination – had fun putting this together! xo

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  1. Thank you all for your kind words on Twitter! Please feel free to leave comments here as well :) *nudge nudge*

  2. Great posting Tania! You’re right – as we read other blogs, we only get a little glimpse into the life of the bloggers, but these postings let us see a little more. A couple of things:
    1. I think we have the same type of feet. They look exactly like mine! And I hate mine too!
    2. Great Halloween costumes – Kim Jong is my personal favourite
    3. Where did you go to school for Interior Design?

  3. Thanks for commenting, Shannon :)
    I went to Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario for my Interior Design education. I loved it there! I had switched from another design program that was great but ultimately not suited to me, and was very happy at my 3 years at Sheridan. It was so great to go onto to college after university – all of a sudden it felt like I *actually* knew something ;)

  4. that’s crazy! you have nice feet! you wanna see some funny feet?

  5. haha thanks for pretending my feet are cute ;) I couldn’t actually view the link you provided, but maybe thats a good thing (from the sounds of it, there can only be hideous feet unveiled in that album). Thanks for reading and commenting, Cathie!! Great website BTW.

  6. Love this post!! I might just have to do the same : )

  7. ha ha ha! THEY ARE MY FEET! In my FB album.
    Well I stand by what I said (no pun intended)You have good feet…particularly next to mine. You will just have to take my word for it ;)

    Glad you like mys site!

  8. Thanks, Mary! I would like to bestow an honorary mention for the Beautiful Blogger Award upon you – can’t wait to read your post :) Go nuts!

  9. Yay! Thank you so much for the nomination, you are such a doll {with very photogenic feet by the way}! I must say Shannon was spot on by giving you this award, your blog is spectacular. And I used to think I was the funniest gal I know, but you have stripped me of that belief, because you Tania are hilarious!
    Thanks again so much for the award, I will post it on my blog with pride!

  10. haha now I want to see! LOL Well thanks again for saying my feet are not so bad – subconsciously I suppose I feel the same ….why ELSE would I photograph them everywhere I go? It’s strange, really.

  11. I am flattered, Staci!! SO GLAD you enjoy reading my blog and I’m thrilled to know you think I’m comedic ;) Oh, and thank you also for not making fun of my fugly feet – everyone’s been so nice in assuring me they aren’t so bad (though I’m not sure I believe any of you LOL). Can’t wait to see your Beautiful Blogger post…I’m sure it’ll be great.

  12. loved reading this Tania! congrats!

  13. Bren Cardiff |

    opps my names wrong lol

  14. Thanks for reading, love :)

  15. Great job Tania! I love all these little fun facts about you :) So nice to get to know you a little more. Thanks so much for sharing and what a great idea!

  16. Thanks for reading and commenting, Nyla! I owe all the credit for this blog post over to @ShannonKFitz from Whats Up Whimsy. Glad you enjoyed reading all the random things about me – told you it was a long post…but I’m happy I took your advice and put it up for everyone. Nice to get some positive feedback on a post I thought would be a flop :)

  17. Ohhh man! I just loved reading this!!

    Hilarious Miss Tania! You always have an amazing way of laughing at yourself :)

    I could not done school without you either!


  18. Thanks, Bestie :) Glad it brought a smile to your face! *T

  19. Umm, let me remind you it took 9 months and 12 hours of intense labour pains to bring those feet into this world! Of course, I think they are beautiful because they are my contribution to the whole package. Congratulations on receiving the Beautiful Blogger Award. I’ve known of your talents for years now, and take credit for the Big Bird costume. PS., thanks for not telling the world that the glasses you wore for the Kim Jong costume were actually my own, worn sometime in the late 70′s!!! Love you always, and keep on smiling…mucci?!

  20. Thanks for commenting, Mom :) I thought you might like some of the photos. I was trying to spare you the embarassement of exposing your bad taste for eye glasses to the world, but just like your daughter, you don’t care to be laughed at ;) Love you too, thanks for the support! xox

  21. Aww, cute little exchange between mom/daughter. Great news about the Beautiful Blogger award. I think your blog has one of the best layouts and details I’ve seen. Handshake to the blog designer.

  22. Thanks for the kind words, Simone. I hope you’ll come back and read more soon.

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  24. Well, you’re brave I’ll give you that. But please leave your feet out of the picture in the future haha. No big deal but your instincts are right…your toes are atrocious.

  25. You have gorgeous feet!

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