Beach Chic Condo Design Part 2

After all was said and done,

I was very pleased with how the Panama condo design project turned out. If you missed last week’s post, click HERE to see some of the BEFORE photos and some background on the project.

Even though I kept hoping for my “Christmas miracle” to come early this year (completing an entire condo design project in 28 days seemed impossible), it turns out that just a little bit of elbow grease (and a few greased palms, for that matter) hurried the project along.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, the design style, BEACH CHIC, was primarily inspired by the surrounding natural environment, but was also based on the concept of luxury-style living; and let’s be honest, a condo on the 21st floor overlooking the horizon where the sky meets the ocean and the rolling mountains in the distance is nothing short of luxurious. Here are the photos of the completed space…hope you like them!

AFTER: Entry Hallway

AFTER: Hallway Fossilized Wood Mirror

AFTER: OVERVIEW - Dining Room, Family Room, Balcony

AFTER: Kitchen

AFTER: Dining Room

AFTER: Dining Room place setting detail

AFTER: Dining Room detail

AFTER: Dining Room & Family Room

AFTER: Family Room

AFTER: Family Room detail

AFTER: Family Room

AFTER: Family Room detail

AFTER: Guest Bedroom Entrance

AFTER: Guest Bedroom

AFTER: Guest Bedroom detail

AFTER: Guest Bathroom

AFTER: Master Bedroom

AFTER: Master Bedroom detail

AFTER: Master Bedroom detail

AFTER: Master Bedroom

AFTER: Master Bedroom detail

AFTER: Master Bedroom

AFTER: Master Bathroom

AFTER: Master Bathroom

AFTER: Master Bathroom detail

AFTER: Master Bathroom detail

AFTER: Master Bathroom detail


It takes more than just a few fabulous furniture pieces to bring a space together, especially if you’re looking for the space to have an overall sense of rhythm and flow. For this  condo, I implemented a few design strategies that would reinforce the design style and concept behind “Beach Chic”. Here are two design tips I almost always adhere to:

PAINT – I chose warm, inviting colours reminiscent of the multi-coloured Pacific shore sands. I painted the walls and the ceiling the same colour, and then chose a warm taupe for the accent wall that stretches the entire length of the condo. This darker colour helped to recede the wall, giving the visual illusion of a wider space. It also provided a more comfortable background colour for watching TV (sometimes too much contrast can be hard on the eyes). And finally, I chose a nice Sateen finish to play up the “chic” feel and add a bit of drama.

LIGHTING – It’s important to layer your lighting in order to create a “mood“. In this case, I selected a series of directional track lights that allowed me to draw attention to certain features in the space, especially the long, dark hallway and the art on the walls. In order to ensure that the clients have as much control over the lighting as possible, I installed dimmer switches in the kitchen and family room/dining room area (one of which is a dual dimmer that also controls the ceiling fan speeds). And don’t forget about the table lamps – not only are they beautiful additions to the space (I am a lamp-fanatic! Only the best will do…) but I installed tri-level bulbs which allow the client to control  brightness levels. The most important thing to remember is to use warm-coloured bulbs (avoid purchasing any bulbs that say “daylight” unless you’re looking for a cooler visual aesthetic). My favourite warm-tone bulbs are made by Magnum – they are compact flourescents that provide the equivalent amount of lighting as a 60-75W bulb, but only consume 13W. A great electrical savings for the client, and a nice way to help conserve energy.

Truly, I love doing what I do because I find it incredibly rewarding. I love knowing that I have provided someone with a special space to call their own, a space that is comfortable, functional and downright beautiful. I am so happy that my clients loved their new beachfront condo and feel like they now have a place to call their home-away-from-home.

Note: All images property of TLC Design & Decor.

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  1. Pics look amazing! Looks even better in person though! Great work, baby!

  2. Thanks, babe :) I agree, the space looks better in person – difficult to photograph a space with so much natural light, but it is what it is…

  3. WOW Tania it looks amazing! I can’t wait for you to do mine now! great work!

  4. You’re too sweet, Mark :) Thank you, can’t wait to start on your fab new Toronto condo soon!

  5. Unbelievable Tania! Nice work! I especially love the bright hit of blue in the bedroom!

  6. Thanks, Shannon! As far as I’m concerned, the two large window walls are more or less “blue” because of the stunning sky and sea views – so it only made sense to repeat the colour on another wall that didn’t have an A/C eyesore on it ;) Glad you like it, thanks so much for reading.

  7. Looks stunning Tania! I love everything about it except perhaps that blue in the master bedroom;)

  8. Great Job Tania!!! I’m glad to see the move to Panama is working out for you…

  9. Wow, great job, Tania. That all looks fabulous! I’d LOVE to call that space my own too:) Can’t wait to see your other projects in Panama!

  10. Fantastic job Tania!
    I love the driftwood look lamp, and your other furniture and decorative choices!

  11. Thanks, everyone, so happy to hear all your wonderful feedback.

  12. Just lovely Tania! Love the colours and the textures.

  13. Great job! I was waiting to see the “after” shots all week. I knew it would turn out fantastic. The beach theme is my favorite. Definitely enlisting you when I purchase a place.

  14. Thanks Lisa Goulet :) And thank you too, Lisa Masucci, so sweet that you were looking forward to the post. I hope you’ll check out next week’s post too…it’s another apartment design Part 1 of 2!

  15. Lisa Meuche |

    Very well well, just beautiful! Please call or email me with from where you bought the living room sofa. I’m in search of one and have been considering shipping one from Florida which is very similiar.

  16. Great job. Looks amazing. I’m impressed.

  17. Great job Tania, it is totally beach chic!


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