Architectural Details in Antigua

Some of the most opulent

architecture I have seen in all of Central America comes from the town of Antigua in Guatemala.

I visited Antigua during Semana Santa (remember the post I wrote about the handmade sand carpets HERE?) and was able to look past all the holiday decorations and hoards of tourists and admire the incredible Colonial architecture.

Most of the impressive architecture in Antigua is in church-form. I forget what this one is called...but half of it is gone!

The La Merced church is one of the most decorative facades I've ever seen. It looks like a birthday cake!

Beautiful architectural details are around every corner.

A fountain in the Parque Central.

Have you ever seen such a fancy doorway in the middle of the street?! Okay, fine, so have I. But not often in Central America.

Beautiful antique decorative elements adorn most buildings.

Simply beautiful.

Antique door knocker detail.

Expensive antique door knockers for sale in an Antiguan market.

I love how simple the Spanish-style architecture of this streetside cafe is.

Yet another gorgeous wood door with an eliptical arch trim.

Sometimes I forget to "look up" when exploring a new city. Good thing I did this time - check out the antique hand painted tiles under the overhang of this roof.

Detail of the rounded arches of the Ayuntamiento in the Parque Central.

The quaint courtyard in the hotel I stayed at, Casa Rustica. Isn't that fountain adorable?!

I like seeing the old, unrestored parts of the city just as much as the others.

This archway, called Arco Catalina, is part of a covenant that was established by four nuns in 1613. It's amazing that it's still in such good condition.

Iron door details.

So much beauty all in one place can be overwhelming, but only in the best of ways! It’s hard to believe that so much of Antigua’s architecture is still in tact after the 1773 earthquake, but thanks to careful restoration efforts, the city is in great shape.

*sigh* I love Colonial architecture…but it’s the architectural details that really make me smile.

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  1. I LOVE these photos! So pretty. I especially like the one with the man reading in front of the door.

  2. Thanks so much, Cheryl. The city was decorated for Semana Santa (Holy Week) so there were beautiful banners and ribbons everywhere, plus lots of people wearing traditional garb – made for some great pics :)

  3. Your poll is an interesting idea Tania. I love your blog and your choices. The only other thing I would like to see is MORE VOYEURISM…LOL…what can I say, I like to look through the windows of ordinary homes to see ordinary people living ordinary lives because I’ve found in my 60 odd years that’s when the most extraordinary experiences are generated to surprise the hell out of you. Show me ordinary and start where you are…(but don’t sacrifice what you are currently doing…I for one, would miss it…love you guys…

  4. Thanks so much, Karen :) I will try to bring you more private home tours – you’d be surprised how unwilling most people are, but I am sure I can find some participants!

    Thanks for the tip and thanks for reading :)

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